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Simplify Your Trading


X Series PRO

Complete Professional MT4 Trading System



Micro Control Trading Engine EA



Macro Control Trading Engine EA



Audible and Visual Objective Market Appraisals









Strength Heatmap Indicator







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Platform Supported MetaTrader 4
Windows OS Supported 7-10 & Server 08-19
License FREE until Jan 1st 2020
Expert Advisors X1 & X2
Indicators Xmeter, Xforce, Xcycles & Xtrend
Updates/Upgrades FREE until Jan 1st 2020
Instruments Supported All currency pairs, metals & indices
Autotrading Supported Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is X Series PRO?

    X Series PRO is a complete suite of trade automation tools for the Metatrader 4 platform. It simplifies trading, automatically manages orders and is the most advanced, yet easy to use MT4 trade tool system on the planet! X Series also has the capability to support fully automated Algorithmic trading.

  • Q: What do I get with X Series PRO?

    X Series PRO is a suite of MT4 trade automation tools. It consists of two EA's and three Indicators that work together as a complete trading system. You also receive access to all of our Webinars, our Help Series videos as well as any future products we develop included [these will still be included in your simple monthly subscription fee]. The more tools we develop, the more bang you get for your buck.

    Look, we hate nickel and diming and upselling just as much as you do. So we set out to offer a great product at a reasonable price that helps traders of all skill levels, for one simple monthly price.

  • Q: Is X Series PRO easy to learn and use?

    X Series PRO is very easy to use once you understand the basics. Installation is achieved with an automated installer that puts everything where it needs so it just works out of the box. You can install X Series PRO in seconds to get started. We even include profiles, templates and settings so you can be up and running in no time. We also have an extensive "HELP VIDEO" section to show you the features of X Series PRO in small, digestible videos that are easy to understand. After watching the HELP VIDEOS, you should have a basic understanding of what you can do with X Series PRO and how to do it. We are working on an extensive strategy training library that will be included with the "X Series PRO" subscriptions to show you specific strategies on how to use X Series PRO to set up profitable trades, with minimal effort. You will learn how you can minimize your time staring at screens, and spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

  • Q: Can I use X Series PRO on a Mac or mobile devices?

    Neither Metatrader 4, nor X Series PRO are designed to work natively on a Mac; however, it is possible to run X Series PRO and Metatrader 4 by using a Windows emulator on a Mac [such as Metatrader for Mac]. We strongly recommend using X Series PRO on Windows PCs for best results. X Series PRO will NOT work on mobile devices such as phones or tablets as these versions of Metatrader 4 do not allow complex plugins.

  • Q: How much does X Series PRO cost?

    We believe that X Series PRO is so wonderful that every trader should use it. We're making it free to use for 2019. Download it today for free and see how it can help you improve your trading.

  • Q: What level of trader is X Series PRO suited for?

    X Series PRO is geared for use by novice through professional level traders and offers something for everyone. In addition to simplifying the trade process, X Series PRO includes professional grade trade capabilities, such as trendline trading, grid trading, fading and layering as well as other advanced price improvement and loss minimization strategies.

  • Q: Why do I need X Series PRO?

    Metatrader 4 is a great trading platform, but the trading process leaves much to be desired. Placing trades in MT4 is inefficient, lacks intuitive "on the charts" trading and is just plain slow. X Series PRO simplifies the trade process so you can take control of your trading. X Series PRO is powerful. It utilizes strong money management, automates position sizing calculations and monitors/manages your trades so you don't have to.

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